Synergy and excellence. Achieving great results requires combining talent, experience, commitment, and vision.

Chiara, Lorenzo, Giovanni Scappini

Scappini. Family-style.

Behind Scappini’s story is the great tradition of Verona, which has always been linked to the production of excellent furniture. In 1980 Giovanni Scappini founded his company, gathering around him the best craftsmen. The new reality immediately gained popularity in the markets and soon began to work in the Contract sector. In the late 1990s, his children Chiara and Lorenzo joined the father John in his work, with the same passion and vision for the future.

As time passes, Scappini evolves and begins to differentiate the styles of its proposals. But the real revolution comes in 2021: the NEXT collection, with its contemporary taste and deep originality, has a disruptive effect. It embodies Scappini’s most innovative soul, keeping its heart intact, made of love for its work and pride in creating beauty and uniqueness.

When we ask ourselves…”ok, what’s next?”
It means that we’re ready to move on to other things!
And you? Are you ready for next?

NEXT project

The NEXT project is the result of the synergy of all the people seen here on the side. It was born from the courage and market knowledge of Scappini and the creativity of young designers.

Coming to market with the support of a closely-knit team of image and communication specialists.

NEXT’s first photo shoot, in a stunning location on Lake Como, was an important milestone for the company and for the way in which, today, Scappini stands on the market.